Emergency General Paediatric Surgery

All hospitals in the East Midlands region are able to assess children and initiate treatment. However, not all hospitals in East Midlands are equipped to operate on children with general paediatric surgical conditions.

To refer children with emergency general paediatric surgical conditions:

Contact the oncall surgical and/or paediatric teams at your local hospital who will advise the best referral pathway. Please click here to find your local hospital.

Below are some common emergency general paediatric surgery conditions and operations with links to the British Associaiton of Paediatric Surgeons patient information leaflets where available.



Further information


Inflammation of the appendix


Patient Information

Commissioning Guide

Pyloric Stenosis

Vomiting due to abnormally thickened pylorus


Patient Information

Acute Scrotum

Painful testicle(s)

Scrotal Exploration

Commissioning Guide in progress (check back Summer 2016 for details)


Abnormal inversion of the intestine

Reduction of Intussusception


Irreducible Inguinal Hernia

Abnormal stuck swelling in the groin

Inguinal Herniotomy

Patient Information