Elective General Paediatric Surgery

Most elective general paediatric surgery is performed as a daycase operation so there is no need for an overnight stay in hospital.

In the outpatient clinic the surgeon will fully explain the operation(s), benefits and the risks of the operation. On admission to hospital for the operation this information will be explained again.

Below are some common elective general paediatric surgery conditions and operations with referral guidance and links to the British Association of Paediatric Surgery patient information leaflets.





Inguinal Hernia

abnormal swelling in the groin

Inguinal Herniotomy

Urgent referral if reducible

(if irreducible immediate hospital referral)

Patient Information

Undescended Testis

testicle not in the scrotum


Routine referral at 3-6 months of age


Patient Information

Commissioning Guide


collection of fluid surrounding testicle

Ligation of Patent Processus Vaginalis

Routine referral at 18 months of age

Patient Information

Umbilical Hernia 

common defect at the umbilicus

Umbilical Herniotomy

Routine referral at 4 years of age

Patient Information

Foreskin Problems

physiological phimosis is not an indication for circumcision


Routine referral



Patient Information

Commissioning Guide