Children's Kidney Network (EMEESY)


The service looks after children and young people with kidney problems throughout the East Midlands (EM), the East of England (EE) and South Yorkshire (SY), hence EMEESY.  

The main specialist renal centre is at Nottingham Children's Hospital, at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

The service tries to see children and their families as close to home as possible by having local shared-care clinics throughout the regions. 

New referrals to the service:

The service accepts new referrals from birth to 18 years of age


How to refer

Shared care clinics

Referrals accepted from secondary care only via the local renal link paediatrician


Referrals accepted from primary care through Choose and Book or by writing to the Consultant paediatricians at QMC

Urgent referrals

Urgent advice can be obtained from the consultant paediatric nephrologist on-call, contacted via the QMC switchboard

0115 9249924

Outreach clinics:

Outreach clinics are provided at all paediatric centres throughout the East Midlands, East of England and South Yorkshire. Details can be found on the EMEESY website (link at the bottom of the page) 



Teenagers begin a transition process before the age of 16 and from 16 onwards.

The service offers joint transition clinics in most of the locations where shared care clinics take place.  

For young people with CKD stage 4, 5 and transplantation, input from the youth team, including a transition residential is offered.

For more information on the service, click the link below to access EMEESY’s dedicated website:

Children's Kidney Network (EMEESY)